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UpNano GmbH
Modecenterstrasse 22/D36
Vienna, 1030 AUSTRIA
phone: +43-1-890-1652


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UpNano is a young high-tech company where long-standing know-how in the field of 2-photon polymerization meets innovative thinking and novel technology.
The NanoOne platform is the first high-resolution 3D-printing system that combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with unmatched high throughput and thus enables new applications in the manufacturing of polymeric micro-components.
NanoOne is the fastest high-resolution 3D-printing system on the market. It is based on multiphoton lithography and combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with an unmatched throughput of up to 200mm│/h. This makes the system suitable not only for scientific research approaches but also industrial manufacturing.

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