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RAN Biotechnologies, Inc.
100 Cummings Center, Suite 434J
Beverly, MA 01915 USA


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RAN Biotechnologies supplies smart materials for next generation science. They include:
- Fluorosurfactants: RAN Biotech's gold standard and custom surfactants are used to stabilize water:oil interface and are mostly used in droplet microfluidics.
- Hydrogel Beads: They are compressible, stable, monodisperse. Example custom mechanical, chemical and biological functionalities include barcoding, dissolvable and superparamagnetic beads. Their mechanical properties support their use in conventional microfluidics, wells and particle templated emulsion processes and can be adapted to custom workflows.
- NextGen Affinity Resins that isolate and detect bacteria, fungi and viruses at the micro-scale as well as in bulk and continuous flow setups.

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