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Quantum Design Inc.
10307 Pacific Center Court
San Diego, CA 92121 USA


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Quantum Design (QD) manufacturers and distributes industry leading scientific products. It manufactures a novel tool for correlative microscopy (AFSEM), where users can perform various modes of atomic force microscopy inside scanning electron microscopes. QD distributes instruments such as: compact direct write sub-micron lithography systems (MicroWriter) which is available in four different affordable models; a stand-alone 3D printing system (Ceres); and Optical Tweezers (Tweez). The Ceres system prints complex and pure metal objects at micrometer scale, with sub micrometer resolution. The "Tweez" Optical Tweezers enable optical manipulation ideally suited for research in cell biology, biophysics, and genetics.

AFSEM AFM Insert for SEM Brochure

Aresis Optical Tweezer Tweez Brochure

DMO MicroWriter Lithography Family Brochure

Exaddon CERES 3D Micro-Printing Brochure