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PyroScience GmbH
Hubertsusstr. 35
Aachen, 52064 GERMANY
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Oxygen sensing in microfluidics
PyroScience offers innovative chemo-optical sensor solutions for oxygen, pH and temperature based on ultra-compact stand-alone and PC-operated oxygen and multi-analyte devices with a great variety of optical sensors for application in gas, water and semi-solid samples.
PyroSciences´ outstanding solution for oxygen sensing in microfluidics is based on oxygen nanoprobes OXNANO and their contactless read-out with the ultra-compact optical oxygen meter PICO-O2. It is ideally suited for microfluidics:
• no sensor integration
• disperse in medium
• sterilizable
• inject into the microfluidic environment
• simple batch calibration
• real-time response
• for high-throughput screening and ultra-fast oxygen measurements even in complex chip geometries

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