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LabSmith, designs and manufactures laboratory tools for all aspects of microfluidics experimentation: fluid routing and automation components, high voltage control for electrophoresis and gel electrophoresis, and inverted fluorescence video microscopes for capturing and quantifying events. LabSmith products and software work together to take the headaches out of experimental setups so you can focus on collecting data for your research or OEM applications. Visit www.labsmith.com/tradeshow to receive a 10% discount off of your next purchase.

Gel Electrophoresis Temperature Regulation with the uProcess uEP01 Power Supply

LabSmith Application Note - Automated Multi-Fluid Injection Using an 8-Position Selector Valve

LabSmith Application Note - Pressure Driven Flow with uProcess Devices and Software

LabSmith Microfluidics Flow and Automation Products Brochure small